The Athens Programme

The ATHENS week was established with the support of the European Communities SOCRATES Programme receiving an annual subsidy of 50 000 Euros from 1997-2001. Today, the Programme is mainly founded by contributions from the member institutions.

The ATHENS Programme is aimed at carrying out intensive specialization courses, given at each member institution during one or two defined periods ("Sessions") of the academic year (November and March), enabling students to attend one of the courses offered by the network universities during 7 days. This experience, in many cases, gives students the desire to carry out studies of a longer duration (MSc and PhD levels) at an institution different from their home institution and thus facilitates exchanges between students of the major European technological institutions.


Day programme


Partner universities


7 nights in
for €260

Please note that the costs listed are estimates. Actual costs will vary greatly depending on the options selected (kind of housing, type and number of meals etc).


The ATHENS week permits participants from different institutions to take short courses of a high scientific level and to mix with students of different nationalities and backgrounds. About 60 courses are offered at each ATHENS Session and cover a wide range of thematic, from engineering to social sciences. The objective is to give students a brief immersion in another European education system.

Cultural Activities

“European dimension” activities are organised to complement the course a student follows. The purpose is to permit ATHENS students to better know the course organising institution, as well as the European city where the course is held. Of special importance is the possibility to mix with students of different nationalities and backgrounds during these activities.

A detailed programme for each site participating in the Session is provided by the host institution. Cultural activities are an integral part of an ATHENS Session; participation is thus mandatory.


Travel costs, by bus, second class train or special reduced group flights costs from one institution to another vary tremendously. ATHENS home institutions may assist students in finding the cheapest rate possible.


The participants are themselves responsible to search, book and pay accommodation (please contact your local coordinator to check if your home university provides scholarships). However, every ATHENS institution provides recommandations of hotels and hostels at reasonable prices (simple kind of accommodations). Students are free to choose from these options, or to search on their own.

More about the programme

List of courses offered for the next Session.

The costs are of four types:

  • Travelling costs
  • Housing costs
  • Meals
  • Social and cultural "European Dimension" activities

No charge is made to students to follow a course. Travel, living, meals and European Dimension activities costs are, however, the responsibility of the participating students and their home institution. Interested ATHENS candidates should consult the international office at their home institution in order to obtain information on possible local bursaries or financial aid offered.

Each Session includes both 30 hours of scientific courses as well as 10-15 hours of "European Dimension" activities.

At the termination of an ATHENS Session, the home institution officially recognises the work carried out, according to the results obtained on an examination organised by the host institution and evaluated according to its proper system of grading. Each complete Session is worth credits. Each institution defines the number of credits given to the ATHENS courses (generally 2 or 3 ECTS credits). Students are asked to evaluate the course they attended by filling an on-line evaluation form at the end of each Session. Student evaluations help the Programme to develop.

ParisTech is the General Coordinator of the ATHENS Programme. All students commit themselves to respect the ATHENS general rules.

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General Rules

Students must respect both the general rules and their home institution rules. The general rules are:

Applications are submitted online at the ATHENS webpage.

Students should apply to at least 3 courses.

Students must contact their Home Local Coordinator, not the host institution, if they have any questions related to the application process.

The student selection is made by ParisTech. Students from all partner universities of the ATHENS network apply in the same conditions and are selected in equal circumstances. Once you are placed, you have to participate.

Complaints to the ParisTech selection are not accepted. All students should respect the ParisTech rules, which is the main coordinator of the ATHENS programme.

The ATHENS courses are worth credits. Each institution defines the number of credits given to the ATHENS courses.

When students submit their application they must be sure that they really want to participate.

After receiving the confirmation from ParisTech, students are not allowed to make any changes.

When students confirm their application they must be aware that:

a) The choice of the courses is final;

b) All expenses related to the ATHENS courses are paid by the student. Some institutions may have a financial support;

c) Cancellations are only allowed in exceptional and dully justified circumstances; Some institutions may charge the cancellations.

d) The participation in the weekend cultural activities is mandatory.

e) Students must respect the rules for the good image of their home institution, which they are representing.

After submitting the application, students must download the application and the Student Commitment forms (PDF file), print out and submit the forms to the local coordinators for final confirmation. Without this confirmation, Paris will not consider the application.