The ATHENS Network is made up of 15 leading European technological universities. The Network organises intensive short-duration courses at each member institution.

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Athens Network

Created in 1997, the ATHENS Network (Advanced Technology Higher Education Network / SOCRATES) is made up of 14 European technological universities and nine ParisTech Graduate Schools of Engineering, which coordinates the programme.

The principal goal of the Network is to facilitate the exchange of students, teachers and researchers from major European technological universities and to participate together under European technological development and training programmes.

One of the Network's first and most particular actions concerns the organisation of an intensive programme of coursework taught at each member institution during one or two sessions in November and March. This activity is called the ATHENS week.

Additionally to the traditional ATHENS course, the ATHENS network proposes a new kind of course under the umbrella of the Erasmus+ programme: A blended intensive programme (BIP).

A BIP consists of two parts:

  • the traditional ATHENS course during the ATHENS week
  • a second part of the course which takes place online before or after the ATHENS session (please check the detailed course descriptions for details)

By finishing a BIP, students obtain at least 3 ECTS and 70 € per day of on-site participation (plus 50 € in case of "green traveling"). Please check with the local coordinator of your home university for further details before applying.


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Twice a year, the ATHENS Network organises a programme of 7-day intensive courses at member institutions. The programme known as the ATHENS week includes a wide range of courses in engineering and social sciences as well as a number of “European Dimension” activities in each country.

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